Need advice on your script or other health issue?

As part of our mandate to offer convenience to our clients, we have a WhatsApp service where patients can ask the availability of their prescription medication in the comfort of their homes or office. In addition, patients may ask for health related advice and our team will be ready to offer advice as appropriate. WhatsApp or call us on 76564041/ 76460256



Our pharmacy has over-the-counter remedies (Colic, Common Cold, Supplements, etc) for patients who wish to self - medicate. Our competent pharmacy staff is always ready to offer advice and guidance to clients.


Foot-care products

We have a variety of over-the-counter foot-care products to cater for our patient needs. See our catalogue for products available.


Health appliances

We stock a variety of health appliances ranging from BP machines, smart watches and aiding devices such as walking sticks and crutches.



We offer BP checks, blood glucose level checks, pregnancy test etc. at our pharmacy.


Sexual wellness products

We are aware that sexual health is important to our clients and we are committed to providing expert advice and a wide range of products to help our clients maintain a healthy sexual lifestyle.



Our pharmacy stocks a wide range of eye-care products and medication at all times. In addition, in line with our vibrant linkages program, we offer advice on the appropriate steps to take in order to maintain healthy eyesight.


Prescription medications

We also offer prescription medications including chronic medication refills (BP, Diabetes, etc)and also give free advice on prescriptions and drug interactions



We offer a broad range of pure, safe ingredients and materials that go beyond beauty. See our catalogue for products available